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Foreword  by Talat Halman

Love is a Cup of Chicken Soup

To define Love
I begin with I
And question why

Love is never to be the same way
There is before and after love
Love is Anno Domini one

Love is the branching of a tree in me
Limits I reach over and beyond
Love is to be reborn again and again

Love is the Chagall blue
Godunov or Guernica
The unspoken word
Hope after death
Spring in autumn
A happy sadness full of flower buds

To take refuge in a common moment and wait

The search of the fingerprints
The footsteps of memories together lived
Love is the shivering of winds over moments fresh
When memories are real or make believe

Love is a green-blue iznik tile
A gordes rug worn and red

Flashback of times of togetherness
Love will despair with lava alive

Love is a cup of chicken soup

Love is a portrait blonde
Azure eyes
Sensuous and shy

Love is a morning smile

The white of ancient marble I softly sculpt
In the ivory skin of whispers
Memories we shared
United in capital letters warm and virile

Love is waiting when she will not come

A telephone call every night midnight
To have you at midnight for a while
When every moments become a midnight

Love is when there is no time
Her looks lost in every female
One heartbeat out of a crowd
To find one in the first intermission
Undressing one heart

Electricity turned on
Forgotten intensity hidden under the skin

Love is a second shave in the afternoon
When my skin awakens to you alone
Reaching you indreams desires

Love is repeating a face in split seconds
Feeling time unlived
Searching the wilderness of ages gone

Love is a long wait for eternity

Love is woman in one touch

Not to love a pair of eyes but a woman in full
Love is to be complete in one plural

Love is to live you
To feel part of your skin
To lose you everyday
And to find you anew

Making love with the body of the mind
Love is loving inside out

The tidal waves that swamp your past
Desires unsatisfied passion unconsummated

Love is the Distances that part
To meet in every breath in every heartbeat

Love is to write the same poem with more love

To break a loneli shell
Voyage of the sublime
Unision in one

Refuge in the square root of joy

An idea in the soil of mind
Love is to own an idea in a dream
More real than true

Love is right when everything is wrong

In the eyes of time salvation magnified

Love is a claim for eternity

Never be back to unlove
Never be back to any past
When love is supreme love is the compass of your life

In the iron cold of unlove
When love was long gone from hearts half dead
Each locked to his own soul
Each locked to his own cell
Locked in locked out
In the croud of towns
In the search of sometime
When there is much love to be found
Unused wasted new
Love bleed love

As I look at you our eyelashes entangle

You are one big tear drop to me

Love does not exist if it isn’t for you and me
Love doesn’t exist if you haven’T discovered it

Wait in an empty room
Ring of a telephone knock on the door

Love is the call of a million year star
Al the altar delirious divine
When two hearts are buried in an avalanche of love

Love is resurrection
Destiny rewritten and relived

Love is Deux ex Machina
To reach and to be near

To turn upside down
Revolution of the heart in rebellion
Rising of hearts suppressed
When distant drums play şloud

To arrive at the same spot of fate
Too early or too late
Love is never on time yet

Love is when all alternatives are gone
Love is when none count but one
Love is when time stands still

Love is the eartquake of the heart
The unexpected moonsoon
Thunder of the nerve ends

The rockbottom of depth of the mind
Rushing of streams
Elvira Madigan in a Swedish film
Mozart’s Piano Concerto twenty one

A cascade of joy at the gates
Love could wait locked inside
Far planets watched
Two children play sixteen

Morning was your look awake and fresh
In love with music sensious and sublime
You swam across my eyes in the nude of the day
Telephones unanswered rang while love undressed

Two children sat on the stairs
Demolishing the walls of time
Touching love
Discovering the first time
All the love other lovers lost

Touch magic in nights one thousand and one
The prayer rug Boukhara brown we lay on

Kupka is a man in love
First stop in front of painting one
The fugue in two colours
I live here
Black white and little red
Love will wait for you in the blues and greens
Love is a birthday gift
Love şs spring
Meet me in space white
I shall be hiding in love
Two lenses merge in one
In one Chagall blue
Circles crossed blue and black

Moving out of time in the curves of one body
Equation of blues is love

Find me in the dephts of white
An essay in black

Love is an upward thrust of fire

Once an ant is declared dead
It is as good as a tear drop
I feel as a dead ant

Love is tombstones warm with memories
Love is us

On the last Sunday the epitath read
Love remember me

Meet me in a poem of love
Words carved out from flesh
I am the lost lines

Love is untitled time

Love is the coming back of the unicorns gone

Love will find you in dreams black and white
Love will come if you wait
In the corner of your heart

Love is a fairy tale real
Exists as long as you believe
Love is to order two gin and tonic
And to forget to drink
Love is to forget names and numbers
Addresses orders peoples places

In the unreal untrue like
Love spins around us
Binds us in the silk cocoon tender

Love is the erection of the mind
The full orgasm of the heart
The sensous appetite in the teeth of your tongue
When there is a poem erotic to be written in the dark
When you miss one touch

Love is when peaches are in season

Love is the top of Fujiyama
Keep the fires of perfume warm in the pillows

I unpack my love with my trunk
Hotel rooms in unknown places
Small hands and tiny feet
Do not forget them at the beach

We are images
Are not real
From another time
From another love
Only love makes us real
Love believes in us

I see a trace of you
When I look at myself

I talk to mirrors when mirros are you
When two reflections in the nude embrace
When reflections proud stand the test of time
When mirrors fall in love to stay alive
Memory will fade and disappear
Yet mirros will remember kind and loving

Your lips of a smile I will keep
One last photograph before I shut the blinds

Today Thursday
I changed the water of the tulips for tears

Love is what we borrow from eternity

Take the first taxi and run to sixteen or seventeen
You might still be me
I might still be you

You are my name
You are my country

Transposed centuries back in time
The soft satin cushions recall
Making love in the ancient Ottoman House
You hid my hands in the Sultan silk of your body

I would have come
From another century
From another planet
Come for echo of love
Just for a moment I would have come

Love is unbelieving in time or distances that unite

I came six thousand miles
Enter love
Siz thousand lines for a poem come true
Enter love
Siz thousand miles of tears
Enter love
Nineteen heartbeats to a second
Enter love
When you missed time

Love is yearning constant
When you are fortyfour or something

I thee wed with this roman ring two thousand years ago

Love is flight from present tense
Running away from the past
One dream stronger than reality
Long in the mind playing seek and hide

Love’s home is eyes
Love’s a prisoner for life
In a castle built with tears
One on top of the other
Of love and ecstasy

I decoded love

Love is knowing
Without how or why

Love is leaving for you
When all roads lead nowhere but to you

Telephone lines in trance
Love was in the wires
Love at airports or intermission
Alternating tears with Mozart

Love illiterate
Is able to read your heart
To write letters to nowhere
When nowhere is you

I felt in love with love
A poem that was you
Your love is my best poem

Love me love

Love rise in my eyes

Love is the new person to be reborn
Love make and unmake us

Empty all love from your veins
As an elegy to loneliness
Love is solitude departed
Love is when love must

Eyes meeting in a secret star
Siz million years apart yet together
Love is committed

If I have to leave without goodbye
You will know where to find
The first turning to your heart

Love is when the sun is not big enough
To warm you heart
Love is the fear of loving
To tear down one by one to reach two

No compromise of mind and heart
Love has no place for discipline
Love is the order of the heart
Disorder of the mind
Enjoys being weak and defeated

You can afford love
Love is no luxury

You can afford love is you can afford longing

I was a Tuesday in a fairytale

Photograph of a moment
In the lenses of love blown up

Tuesdays die in the eye

Waiting is a calendar jealous of time
Minus Saturdays and Sundays
Counting down from eternity
To reach one woman from millions down

Passions mingle and shape arms legs lips
The peeling of the chin
The rubbing of the hearts from within

Love is to surrender
To a common past to a common dream

Moments incomplete
When images rainwashed file past
Descending to the bottom of memories of parting fear
In the cold of Tuesdays

Sharing loneliness on a beach front
Two pebblestones come from afar

Love is what love is
A brief moment eternal
Hope in every turning of the clock
Definitions missing
Never to be
Volumes of omission

When love has arrived
Love is god
We obey and pray

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