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The days were not separated from the night.
Some evening it was
Eve had awakened from her stoney-slumber
In one of the equal time.
She had no crust around her eyes
And no experience of living before
This was her first sleep
And didnít regard the living as a stranger
Kissed the hand of her God-Father
They kissed each other
She liked it
And the Lord got lips for this
First female legs belong to nobody but Eve
The Lord was very much confused about it
Cause he was beginning to feel something in his heart
It was an occasion great the nakedness of God
Adam was hoeing the apple tree at the same moment
During this love time days were separated from the nights with pain
Adam fell down and war shipped
Upon this the thunder of the daylights separation from the darkness
His fear became immense
He hid his eyes in the ground
Daylights were pinching his eyes
Lights were hurting hit
Adam was in a great anxiety
As the daylight prolonged Adam got use to fear
And began to love the daylight
Caressed it
Daylight was soft and smooth
And he smiled
The first of all joys the first of all smiles
Fount its place in the human lips
For the first time in the daylight sweet
So everything was taking its place bit by bit
A puss-in-the-corner game was beginning
In the very first place the mountains came

And found their places with conceit
They were the first commers
Highest peaks were sold for them cheap
After them the seas began
Their places were ready
To bring forth an ocean big and young out of two tiny drops
And was completed just in six days
And everything was without name
God got rid of it
He was impatient a lot
God had many other things to do
Though he couldnít appreciate poetry
There was a nameless Word
But the fig leaf was aware of its name
Eve was ignorant of the happenings
She was trying to see sweet dreams in her sleep
God was looking at the beautiful in her
Adam was hurrying to the Lord with Joy
God was making a Jest with his lips meaning to keep quite
Regretful the Lord was
Adam was smiling
Adam was beginning to practice to smile and then to laugh
Adam was pointing to Eve
I understand well said he
Adam was crying out
I understand
She is the one who brought the daylight
Adam was afraid of coming a little closer
But he wanted to touch her
God was keeping silent
As if be was thinking some important thing
The blood in Adamís veins
Was planning to play a trick
Without consulting its master heightened its temperature
From zero to thirty six and a half degrees
The blood in the veins was now free
He felt the heat and turned to Adam with anger
He could guess what it would be
Somewhat in this fashion things could happen

Without having his permission
God was not able to get angry as he liked to be
He couldnít make them listen to him
Adam was afraid of his muscleís hardening
Adam was trembling from his inner heat
Adam was defending Eve against God
Adam was bending and embracing Eve
She is mine was what he said
She is mine-She is mine
This belongs to me- this
To me-to me
At the moment the same God was playing his own part
He moved not He kept still
The God was looking constantly before him
Eve was asleep
She was softening her muscles in her whitish dreams
Eve was smiling in her sleep
Perhaps she was thinking of her child
Adam was angry that his arms were not much longer
Got was dreaming the possibilities
God was keeping silent
Talking was not fit for Gods
Full of regret and old He was
The pain of creating something was still in the palm of his hands
God was dreaming of some other Eve
And some other womenís legs
When he knew the impossibilities
The God-Lord was getting angry
He wanted to bare a fight with Adam
Though to fight was not fit for Gods
And defeat was included in the possibilities
But God was glad
Because of his having created the thoughts deaf
Lonesome He was
And he knew that to be far from singleness was strange to holiness
He acted as if he was thinking of something
May be they were watching him
He wanted to throw away the sorrow within him
But couldnít

He had the longing of a mortal soul in him
Wanted to go away for a moment but couldnít
At the very most they were under the apple tree now
Good-Lord was smiling in a complete secrecy
To be a Got is something different ant Great he said
There was no law to obey and no prohibition for Him
He could cheat and deceive
When he was with Eve wasnít Adam hoeing the apple tree
God was smiling and was not looking a bit ashamed
The fig leaf knew its place and was waiting with patience
When they reached the apple tree Eve bad awakened
Her eyes were closed
She understood the thing
It was a different heat that she had in her flesh
Adam was kissing too much all the same
As He kissed his astonishment grew greater
He could differ the kisses from their hearts
Adam was looking for something
He was to search it
The heat growing in him was teaching him this
At last he found her lips
Ant wouldnít let them go her, her lips were a pleasure good enough for him
Eve desired to open up her eyes but wasnít able to do
As evening dark fell to the apple branches drop by drop
God was ordering a chill destined to stop at the apple tree
The very chill perfectly knew what its mission was
But Adam was aloof and didnít mind
Adam was embracing her soft skin
Her flesh would never know the finish
Adam was gasping fast and high
Plants were tearing the soil in pain like a human nail
Plants were growing up to the sky in a hurry great
And colours boiling with blood and sweat
The most spent colours were greens
Greens were far from being enough
But Adam was aloof and didnĎt mind
A brand new worlds was nearly completed under the bright clouds
Everything was prepared in a dead silence
You could hear Adamís breathing from every place

The pip of the apple was getting out of patience bit by bit
The ready red of the single apple was dying slowly
Adam was breathing too fast
Eve was getting agitated
Her lips were splitting out of thirst
The apple still waiting
The serpent embracing the apple tree knew the Gospelís end
But Adam was aloof and didnít mind
Her lips were supposed to come to an end
Rains and springs of water and streams were hiding themselves away
It was about time
God was getting his teeth with enthusiasm
God was looking at under the apple tree hiding himself behind a cloud
The serpent was pointing to the apple
The world was ready for use
But few sea-blues were not dry yet
And few leaf-greens were still wet
Surely this were not important
The World was ready and waiting
The serpent was pointing to the apple with its tongue
And Eve was stretching her arm
Adam was tired and breathing fast
But he could understand the thing
Of what Eve was not able to ask
Adam was far from remembering the restrictions
The apple was parting from its branch without any resistance
Willing I would better say
The apple knew its mission perfectly well
God was smiling
Everything was happening in the way God desired
The pip of the apple was getting out of temper now
The Timeís spring was winding to eternity
Yet Eve had not bitten the apple
Cause she knew that it was the only apple that existed
She was afraid of its being finished
Adam was waiting on bended knees
The Good-Lord was holding his breath still
The apple was bitten
The sin was comitted

God put his eyebrows closer with anger
The edictum of exile was signed by him
A new life a new struggle was to begin on the surface of the Earth
And it all began



I am the God your Lord
Who created the world round
Because I love eggs so much
I am the God painter
Painted the world with favourite colors
Separated man from other men
I am the God himself great
I found this proper name for myself
I am my own godfather and namesake
My hands are dirty with the blood of the ancient gods
My favourite people I call Prophets
My enemies are sinners themselves
Your God surely has a heart
All those who own a heart shall live eternally
All those who own a heart shall not die
I am the God
Fate is my first name
I have a duty to kill, to destroy, I enjoy
I created human eyes for tears
I built my palace in your minds
My thrown is made of fear
Christ is dead
Moses is no more
Mohammed is finished
Each in his turn has lied to me
Each in his turn deceived me
Three dear liars
Death was the price of their lives
So they died
So I died
I am the symbol of death
All my friends will also die
I am jealous of the living
I beg you to be good kind and gentle
I want my children to be good
Be good for heavenís sake
I am dedicated to goodness like a killer
I implore you to be kind and fair
I do not possess hands
I am not able to do good
I see yet I donít have eyes
I hear the voices yet I have no ears
How beautiful your ears are
It was I who created the world and made the laws
I symbolise law itself
To confess I am bored and fed up with myself
To tell you the truth I did not become God by my own will
I condemned myself to eternity
I became pregnant to myself
I was born out of me
You may believe in this yet it is a lie
I was lying all the time
It was not I who created the universe, but you
You created me
You gave birth to me
I grew as a lonely child in the thoughts of you
I was the one who was alone all the time
I was searching for love like a motherless child
I was searching for a God to believe in
I am still your God your good Lord
The omnipresent yet powerless and poor
I am afraid of being alone


Once upon a time
Long before long ago
It was pre-human times
Then God was pregnant to Himself
Then the Lord was pregnant to the Universe
Colors independent and sovereign
Lived by themselves and nothing else
Green colors are yet apart from the leaves
Blues reds and blacks
Were independent and sovereign yet
It was a summerís night hot and wet
The most beautiful blue felt thirsty irresistibly
It was for this thirst a dedicated gift
The creation of the seven seas that is
The blue sipped the water of the seven seas
And disappeared since
There were others lighter and darker
None matched the color of the blue that was
None equalled the beauty
She was a sensitive and sensuous blue
She was a blue with feeling
Which reached the color of her destiny
She was happy as life could be
All the seas we know
Were jealous of this blue color from green
This was a secret love
Secrets from reds and browns
Secrets from whites and seasons
The blue that was, was in love with the green that was
The pain of love in the heart of green
Was as big as the love of gods

The love in his heart was as lonesome as gods
The green turned darker with agony
His light green days now only a childhood memory
The green that was committed suicide
In the blue seas
Where the blue that was had disappeared once
The green closed and resigned his eyes to the dark
In three hundred fathoms united the blue and the green
The two worlds reached their destination
The green and the blue shivered of joy and love
The phosphorescence in the sea is the teardrops of joy
Of the love of the green and the blue that was
Outlive this ancient fable
Once upon a time
Long before long ago
The green and the blue reached eternity
As king and queen in This kingdom bv the sea
This world is dedicated to the love of colors
Life sprang from under the earth for the sake of colors

The blue and the green sometimes quarrel
The ways of the world is a nightmare
Each blame the other for the tragedy
Red is a relative of the green
Red and green are cousins first generation
The wars and tears are red to blame
The fires the blood and the apple
All created and dedicated to The love of red
The green is ashamed of his kin
Sky blue is the twin sister of the sea blue
Sky blue has a story too
The God was in love with the blue skies
But the love of the blue skies was for browns
The earth was created for the Love of browns
Nature was dedicated to colors
All was for the sake of Colors

We know the simple sea blue
And we believe this story as untrue
Theirs is a story which never began
And therefore which never come to an end

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