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Requiem for Sarajevo

Requiem for Sarajevo

Sarajevo brush with immortality
Sarajevo is wasteland of a courage story
Sarajevo plays itself out with history
Sarajevo is nobility besieged with equivalent guilt
Atavism bury punishment with no partisan promise
Sarajevo cannot resist justice
Ismailovich play requiem for Sarajevo with his cello
In memoriam quixotic albinoni’s adagio
Romanticising the Sarajevo victims in the bread queue
While Sarajevo is waiting for Clinton, NATO
Sarajevo is waiting for Godot
Sarajevo is waiting for water for power
Waiting for gunshots from mount Igmo
Waiting for sniper fire for tank shell
A blast to remind the buried peace
Sarajevo is calling the dead
Waiting for peace in pieces moribond
Sarajevo is no Vietnam of 60’s
Sarajevo is no Spain of 30’s
Sarajevo is a waiting game from within
Range of guns fixed Serbian
The stage is set for becket for real
Waiting for Godot in the siege
Godot now 40 years old still somewhere
In Paris London New York or Berlin
As if destined for Sarajevo musing
Vladimir and estragon transposed in time
Waiting for eternity in futility
Hope in Sarajevo city fratricide ring true
Waiting in silence in memoriam for a monumental Godot
To come from the dark and save Sarajevo in one dawn
From arms and embargo
While the war drums beat to lift
The European Community's siege
Sarajevo in limbo is waiting endlessly
For Orwell or Hemingway come galloping in cut limbs
Death is every corner every step every street
Moral choices reduced to nil
Death marks hurriedly crashing
One day in a football field
Or in a graveyard while mourning
In perfect spring sunshine promising
In Sarajevo Godot is never
Zagreb, 12 September 1993

Requiem for Sarajevo II

Guilty or not guilty Europe in the dock?
Guilty or not guilty America plead
Of criminal negligence guilty perhaps
Guilty morally by unanimity guilty is not?
Of moral bankruptcy
Sheltered comfort of mind
Politically doomed incorrect or not
But ity is the stage fright that shock
That accurately repeat performance of hit and run
It is the tragedy of tolerance
For extreme misdeed
Sarajevo stand up and confess your sins
For Europe, for Russia, America, Sarajevo does not exist
Delete the year that nas ninety three - from history
The year of steadfast reluctance to intervene
To stop this thief to steal the land
To stop the butcher to kill for nothing
The dead skyrocketed in saraj evo cemeteries
Sarajevo is one big graveyard of our sins
In the onslaught of hate and greed
Epidemic of crime catch up declared victor
Cold sarajevo nights are still illuminate d
By candles of grief
Sarajevo defy the time defy us all
Like Saigon like Berlin like Beirut
In the seventies, fifties, and the eighties recall
Sarajevo is the witness of our cynicism
A roadshow to watch at best
Serb gunners practice marksmanship in the heads
Of children at play - all shot in the head - no miss
Airstrikes come one day in fairytales told
Sarajevo count not the dead
But the living few that stay instead.

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