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The Death of Dinosaur

Everybody loves dinosaurs, but few people have dedicated their poems to dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were a global phenomenon some 160 million years ago, fascinating and successful creatures. It is no longer possible to dismiss dinosaurs as dimwitted or as symbols of failure. Some of them were social beings and caring were giants of our imagination, 100 feet long, the largest land animals that ever lived. Some were killers, others peaceful with large nests. What happened to the dinosaurs is still a great unsolved mystery. Had they not been completely destroyed, they might have evolved like us with intelligence and love.

Why did the dinosaurs disappear? Did their males become too heavy to mate? Or was it caused by overpopulation as they produced eggs with thinner and thinner shells? Was their destruction due to the ozone layer, caused by volcanic activity? Did the arctic waters break loose, and flood the world of the fauna and emergence of the first flowering plants, causing indigestion the dinosaurs could not cope with? In every 26 million years or so, they say the earth is showered with commets from a companion star which passes close and makes life on earth almost intolerable for centuries. Was it one of these showers which created a giant chunk bigger than Mount Everest which came out of the blue like nuclear winter. Or did dust, steam, acid rain or blindness annihilate the dinosaurs who had ruled the planet earth for 160 million years?

Our ancestors were warm blooded and survived to repopulate the eart. Some dinosaurs were also warm blooded and they could have been our ancestors. Hence death and Dinosaur, which occurred to me when I came eyeball to eyeball with a friendly lizard in Lagos.


Purple Smell

The purple smell in tropics descended
From rainbows transformed
Purpose thoughts in hot sand buried
Wet in bloom
İn the nights of haram and harmatan
İn rooms in divans
İn a thousand nights to the sun
Million love years abound
Without shadow without dent
Bent on peuple smell alive
İntact after three thousand miles
Without remorse or regret
Love suppress time
Milk Maternal

Love is milk maternal
Reason beyond living
Neither adam nor eve was breastfed
Or educated in freud
Love is the first fast train to bliss
Love is magnificent conceit
Domination servile
Does away with death
İn and out of every breath
Rise against sneers and jeers
Beat the system with a new moustache
All you need to know about hate
Conjured comfort in distress
Happier near bedsides
Exclusively one half and never one
Suck coping with your breast
And best guarantee against cancer
Love is growth in death
That does away with prisons and cells
İt is cloudbossom unregistered
Blue Bead

I love you
And her too
My blue bead
İs the world

Killers armed
Unfurl for life
Machettas darkly shine
Cut roses and skulls cold
Thy executionner love
Do not shy
Beyond hormonal desire
Panics and headlines
Hypnosis cumulative
Float in pleasures fretful light
Love heroic archaic
An Angora Cat

One angora cat’s visit to cheshire is
news of love
İn the age of cosmetics
And plastic surgery
Love is still sympathy with beauty
Better or for worse
Gentle grace of the spirit
İn the middle age of seventeen
Or telephone tremble at some seventy
Love is the romance of
Two beaten eggs in blitz
Bullet proof
İn the revolution of microchips
Lampposts light the infinite
The Death Of Dinosaur

Death is a blind dinosaur mateless
Roaming to extinction in grammar books
Of past participles past perfect or continuous tenses
Death Is species survived
The holocaust of change was about
Death is the solar system itself
That bends the skull in the heat of love
One anatomy lesson in demise
The loss of sight was due to a cataract
Transparency was gone
Lovemaking is eyes
Dinosaur’s demise

Suns rise automatically mathematically high above
Rocky escarpments while
Blind dinosaurs die
The roaming species survived but for love
The holocaust of change about four million years of sun
Preside upon ancestors and sex contacts
Fearsome death of the solar itself
İs in the skull
Death is that bends
İn one anatomy lesson of eye cataracts
When transparency is gone
Lovemaking is eyes
İt was the dinosaurs’ demise

Let the eye behold itself
İf it’s so easy
Two Thousand One Hundred And One

Man in two thousand one hundred and one
Point one papers out of date
Love valid still yet in electronic dates
Promoting paperless paper free love
In display microwaves
Links in total test
Of language or mail implicit
Of computers and processors human like
But just
Man in two thousand one hundred and one
In closed oysters one by one or two
Passenger pigeons and dodos are extinct
Yet reassert life blamed and baffled
You will be minus one
İn the year two thousand one hundred and one
İn ancient waters of shallow shorelines
You will be talking to a crab or crustace

What is two thousand and one hundred and one
To four hundred and seventy million
That I am talking about
Crabs will still understand love
İn towns and towers cut to white
Nothing has changed must except
The three million years in the sameness apart
İn the innerspace of stars or airless nights
Of spacesuits and scars of the universe
Except for love
Postcards I send are still the same
Only the stamps and seals change
The message is the same
From lunar surface revolving darkness
Reminding Mevlana dervishes in spirals
Meteors and crates are the same
İn the last three billion years
When I shall be a billion light years away
İn the year two thousand one hundred and one
Collecting dust in the galaxy
Or rotating
Who said

Who said
That they should not be seen
The blue and the green
Here is the sea
Here is the tree
I was six foot seven tall

I was six foot seven tall
In fairy tales told
I was six foot seven in love
İn cauldrons of fire
İn luxury summers long
With love eyeball to eyeball unbent
İn plywood rooms and a cardboard world
Love is a long distance athlete world
Running in the unwinding rhythms of temptation cold
One spoonfull of blood multiply in blood
İn billions of celltime
İn the streets of my youth once
İn the renaissance of love infectious in August
İn the twists and turns of her voice
Love is decanted tension
One short bit of loving
When desperate and daunting
Gods do not fall from pedestals but love
Therefore gods do not die
Love denied is as such
These are the ashes of a man in love
That was once

Love is when voices fill the sun

Love is when voices fill the sun
Biblical bound
Drumming cadenzas torchlike
Love is to be the mistress of metrics
And be lost in grammar of merits or ethics
Love is failure of sails in the Atlantic
Colliding with a white whale
The enchanter of possessions in scales smashed
Of light or weight
Love is company lodged in truth and beauty
Love is when death comes in the middle of laughter
İn the disputed ground of evil
Around the punctuation of prayers
Unrolled in the temples of deities
Love is reincarnation in passage

Man over man

War is over
Flags are dead
Graves half dug
Bulldozed platoons rough
War is over
Pits obscene wide
Hatred is memories
Victory lay asleep
War is over
Frozen tears drip
They fell for the land
For the harvest
Death defy gallantry
Frosbite and dysentery
War is over
Talking Drums

The myriad drums
From savannah from swamp
Half remembered dreams in purple green
Jujus and fetishes
Flourish in fantasies of talking drums
Calling africa from within
Drumming out drumming in
A million crowds
İn the magic of the drums appear
All drums one silence big
Talking drums with music purple green
And root dyes mix
Paint the eye layer after layer
Kinetic Discovery

Back from the dead I
Unman blew up past and present
Strange weird
Rediscovered cosmetics and contact lens
I was in kindlier times kinetic plastic
Dissolved in abstraction particle
Death distant universal erotic
Death fluid afloat persisted
Deat is a myth
Empty and nil
When I was dead
I missed most of all the business
Of eating white cheese turkish
The ritual of keeping time
Primitive and profane
Death spoils the fun
Pure and patriotic death
Come when clocks imitate time
Times subside and I
Came back to discover love

Death will wet and exhaust passions
Feed with fire ablaze
Totem memories forever lock
İn chains of virile fears
Shiver with frustrations
Sober up to death in disbelief
Must I panic
Never reconcile with death
Death is sane
İs to be obeyed
To be believed and relieved
This procession phallic chaotic frantic
Plead god rearrange his imagination
Concrete Deep

Eyelids combed half
Do you make love in tightrope dreams
Register incomplete lost
Sleepy lips miss
Alarmclocks waiting time grin
One suntan touch from afar
One shiver come near
Of marble moments sculpting
Murmur skin eyes comb shy
Casting fire sinking into hot concrete Deep


İn the mirrors 1901
Kafka was us
İn the terror chapels mosques
And synagogues of prague
Of rotten catacombs
İn fears and hallucinations
He survived his epitath
Acid Rain

Love descend deep in dust washed cells
Limp through images nonvalid
Seasick in Noah’s ark
Afloat on agri dag
Giddiness of firs tossed in storms of acid rain
Enough to survive the floods
Of one childhood
Repent but no regret
Reach me through an ocean of
Bones and flesh
Corrective breezes
Fantasies heroic sweep
Silicone Sage

The fight is lost against the moon
I was on the side of man
Sided with the lakeside moon
Desire outdesire man
Computer outdo god or satan
I am for mansize man
Pity will put your mind to rest
Understand digits
İn abstract web of hysterics
Answer is fine
A silicone sage

I was a poet
Filling the void with fire
İn search of iceberg tips
İn blank lines no survivors nor cries
This war in self defence
And out of just pretence
Distilled in intense sorrow
İn smiles sterile
İn the dissonance of times by gone
İn love with love before time came
I was my youth
İn empty pages white

Death is monotonous in lagos
For firebrats and bats
Dreams if noisy mushrooms haunt
Sexuality sterile abound
Human flesh chilly to touch
Memories of mango trees huddle
Nights in the hot roots
İn the armpits of tropic
Mighty brats survive fire fly
Time is none

What news death
Irrational diagonal flat
Generous in minimalist shapes
İn straitjackets repeat
And repeat itself
Technically perfect but elaborate mock
Closed to progress
No vertical lines
No way up no more
Stairs lead nowhere
Stairs coming from one june
Death is to equate and accommodate
Metal skin sharp
End of human occupany
Defied and defeated
At home with a new vocabulary
Classic and historic
Panels and glass to break to breathe
Grey granite sky of monumental time
Without a context to relate
In Fernando Poo

Night in fernando po virile
Volcano sunken deep
Wate to a lava dream
Incubating toxic
Bananas spanish
Rot in santa isabel
Bioko is a monotonous hymn
All ebony nights folded into one
Paradise flowers in secret bloom
Nights of other dreams
The nights are in exile in fernando poo
Erect and awake
Roots descend to reumathism
Nights are chronic in fernando poo
Birds sing electricity
With spanish generators

İn death we inflate
Grow bigger than lifesize
İn death heroes bloat and boast
And come truer still
My suffering is mild
Compared to the harvest of wars
The taste of flesh in your tongue
Death is repugnant to be pushed away
Pompous and dialectical
Unmathematical immaterial
İmplicit in every breath
Sentencious and banal
Death is one last deed
On Love

Love undo
Addictive and compulsive
I fall in and out
Hunger is vindictive alive
Love is man
Actualisation of man
You have to try once
Childhood aversion grow
To bosoms and wombs therapeutic
We cling
Nature of

I like to wander as an iceberg wild
In tabular calving shapes
Clad in vast sizes warmer perhaps
In melting in breaking up
Meeting other icebergs
Resonate selectively in the same seas
In likewise geometry of insatiability
Three dimensional memories towed behind
Hard and viable rain or shine
Not to capsize potentially
And swamp economically
Not to break into pieces
Responding to waves bending
Roll and flex I will
This W Full Smell

Is a woman in thee
It is an ear
To whisper deep
A neck to breath
Change days and weeks
Stay still
Moments eternal
Love is yearning
For tomorrows day
Of hours
To Remind

I am travelling in time
Manners mesmerized
Preference for fantasies
Of purple smell of tropics
Of bossom fears
Of ageing of death of loving
Age distil youthfull eagerness
Of middle life giddiness enclosed
Herewith searching the remaining
Faces and memories
How long wonders
Will come to grips
With waist thickened
To the last button
To open zippers
Blurring visions of aching tears
Past participles of loosening teeth
Who is losing against time
Free in the beginning
Artist make-up with skill
Wrinkles and circles polite
To remind
To confront with contempt
In Defence Of Death

In the invisible hour which may
As final sum total of change come
I will be united with myself forever
In void inconclusive
This extreme defence of man
Overhelmed yet grief banished
Emerge from millenium dream
Transcending time
With joy sprawling overlap
Monumental and wild
Death will not tame fate
Underscore destiny
Letter To Terror

Letter to terror
Begin with dear Mr
Killer sinner
I am in a hurry to live
I shall not exchange fear as victim
You are the same villain
Before and after death I haunt
You are hostage to terror
I got the courage to live
Ready to live for a cause
If you are ready to die for it
Survival applies equally
Place the explosives
Tie down your victim
Pour down alcohol
And call it a cause
You said “It will burn better”
Infinite flame is shame
Murder in forlorn coldness find consolation
Victims wanted to live
Fear of death more real than terror Mr
Death is panic factory
Stun rector rabbi imam
Choked plague crack up
Death is one place I not resigned
Completely confined impelled
Caesar Danton Lincoln Trotsky file past
Dagger pistol axe or bomb
Yours regretfully signed
At Fiftyone

When I am fiftyone
I shall still be in love
When I am sixty I will
Go to Crete with friends Greek
When I am seventy
I shall try to resist
All beauty
When I am fifty
I will have a break with century
I still remember when I was forty
With the coming of age
Sad and grim
America was one and seventy
I was thirsty when I was
In Delhi
Brand new Mogol Delhiwalla
How long ago I was twenty
Must be worth remembering still
With all the growings pains
Tears bursting of seams
I was also ten
Happy and lone when the great war was on
I was five when I first crossed a lake
In an open faiton in moonlight full

Basque of a bomb was guernica
Exploded wagner-like
Devastated the canvas
Carpets laid brown black
Under coffins long lined
Whispers loud while warplanes rained hard
Dead children do not cry
Guernica was us
Guernica was time
Ecce Homo

More important than love
İs death
The friendly lizard gasp
Her glance hot and human
In the tropic green
Her yellow head lean
Our looks collide
In a brown familiar smile
Hald human half tail
We met somewhere
In the iceage three billion years ago
Ecce homo is my lizard friend
Evergreen as death
Before and after love
Even lizards shrink to size
Death is but a moment in time

The last strawberry was the silver giraffe
Dipped in indian summer sun
Picasso’s picassos behind
One more line I was gone
Forest Fires

Discover love as a forest fire
Sweet chestnuts and tall oleanders lie prey
I fight against forest fires
Discover love in fire
I wish I was still alive
Fighting against demons of time
I belong nowhere
I belong to nothing but dreams
In dreams of death I was fighting forest fires
Fires human and real
Coping with love and learning to die

Daydreams drown
In the gales and sea storms
Many lovetimes yet to intervene
Peppered anchor chains burning for beyond
Laid up for years
Deepening awake
Motion and rattle swell desire
Waters blue green red
Willing for collision out of fear
Daydreams truer than calculus
Ishtar Of Babylon

Ishtar is nothing to be afraid of
Ishtar is memories of Babylon in clay
Warm and fresh pressed down upon
In prehistoric silence of loving uniform
In A.D. or B.C. love is touching
Putting the pieces together ceramic
Love is earthenware assymetrical and improvised
Eyesight splendid and remaining
Love is legend historic
Forgotten or remembered
Towering and baroque
In caligraphy or in incription
Love dominated king
Of Death

Death is radium therapy
Healing misleading
Capitive classic
No pretences
Counting your lines
Cutting your clues
The past participle
Hypnotic chemic

Overweight is butterfly dead
All the water of summer past
The right heat for the right time
Monarch butterfly human
In the right humidity of flesh
Lovemaking is must
Loving birds enjoy flesh
Less is more

Less is more
Spare is fair
Lean is keen
Briefmanship is style
Style is man
Style is essence
Canonise brevity
Lay it out sew it up
Dash in dead
Keep pealing that onion
Until you’re down
Where the tears are

The answer is of course
Nevertheless however but
Overpowered by sex and tax
Heart attacks and cancers
Love dictate
Redhair genes brown eyes
With minuses and plusses
And gone with a sigh

Warm in the buttocks of sexy strwberries
Indulge in flesh and eyelashes plenty
In the corners of goloshes memories drip
Strawberries are merrybeddies winter
Alive in fresh snow
Hell Paradise

The trouble with paradise
I must be fully dead
Body and mind
When I reach there safe and sound
But paradise can wait
Until I finish with hell
Trouble with hell
Always alive as yet

Wiser is unfashionable
Death is boring repeat artistic axiom
Makes mockery of summers to come
Death is biology lesson God missed
The old man is antiquated unscientific
And unfair to darwin
Reverie Bound

In daylight I
Overstepped the sun
Reveire bound
İmpatient time tragic
Purity immature but authentic
Youth joy away
Old age will reveal
Whispers shattering
İn intensity
Glories vain
Hard failures compressed
To Define Death

Death fixated memories
This detention of perception absurd
Sinking in the dark mines of understanding
Deeper and deeper
Demolishing all past and present throughout
Try to remember try hard
The sexual pleasures of merely looking
In a masterly touch
Poetic exit that
Robs of all possessions and
Dimensions trivial or real
Mechanized yet still
Shut out shut in
A scientific statement
With no sex appeal
Translated eloquently to senses psychic
Altering me in abstractions
The sum total of my errors
Ergo sum and insist
Result succinct
There must be a mistake

Venice I long to forget
Images of sinking rooms
Memories reaching dead
A water street recognized
Transferred from one summer to another
San marco mixed up blurred
One flagpole mathematical vertical
Waits for goodbye
Wime evolve distort glimpses
Lanterns light dreams in venice

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